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Registering for social insurance for businesses is an obligation that businesses must fulfill. This activity brings many benefits to both the business and its employees. Complex procedures and compliance with legal regulations are challenges that businesses often encounter. Understanding the importance of this issue, Long Phan will help you have a more comprehensive understanding of registering for social insurance for businesses through the following article.

Social insurance registrationSocial insurance registration

What is social insurance

Social insurance is a form of social protection organized and managed by social institutions. It ensures basic rights and provides a safety net for the community of workers. Social insurance may include various schemes such as maternity leave, occupational accidents, illness, retirement, etc.

The goal of social insurance is to protect workers from social risks such as unemployment, illness, or old age that may lead to income loss. In doing so, social insurance helps create a stable and secure environment for members of society, enabling them to be more confident in their lives and work.

Based on the provisions of: Clause 1, Article 3 of the Social Insurance Law 2014.

The responsibility for registering social insurance lies with the business

Registering for social insurance for businesses is not only a legal obligation but also an important part of building a fair and stable working environment for employees.

When a business officially operates after registering its business, the first and most important responsibility is to register for social insurance for its employees. This ensures that employees are socially protected, have rights when needed, and that the business complies with legal regulations.

Based on the provisions of: Clause 3, Article 2 of the Social Insurance Law 2014.

Procedures for registering social insurance

The registration dossier

The social insurance registration dossier includes the following sections:

  • Declaration form for participation in social insurance by the employer, along with a detailed list of employees participating in social insurance in the enterprise.
  • Declaration form for participation in social insurance by each employee, including personal information and details about salary, position, and other necessary information.

Based on the provisions of: Clause 1, Article 97 of the Social Insurance Law 2014.

The social insurance registration dossierThe social insurance registration dossier

The procedure for proceeding

  • Step 1: Gather information

The business needs to collect information about the number of employees, salaries, and other necessary personal information for social insurance registration.

  • Step 2: Complete the dossier

Prepare the necessary documents for registration as mentioned above.

  • Step 3: Submit the registration dossier

Within 30 days from the date of signing the labor contract, employment contract, or date of recruitment, the employer must submit the dossier as prescribed to the social insurance agency.

  • Step 4: Await resolution

The time to receive results is not more than 05 working days from the date of receiving the social insurance registration dossier.

Based on the provisions of: Point a, Clause 1, Article 99 of the Social Insurance Law 2014.

The process of submitting the dossier

The business can choose to submit the dossier through one of the following three methods:

  • Through electronic transactions with the Social Insurance Agency (via the Vietnam Social Insurance Portal or through the IVan organization).
  • Through postal service: The business notifies the Social Insurance Agency or the postal service organization to directly receive the dossier at the business premises.
  • Directly at the Social Insurance Agency to submit the dossier.

Competent authority for resolution

The authority to receive the registration dossier for social insurance for businesses belongs to the District/Social Insurance Agency (registered with the Social Insurance Agency according to the registered location on the business registration certificate). The unit with its headquarters located in a particular province shall register for social insurance in that province according to the hierarchical delegation of the Social Insurance Agency of that province.

Receiving social insurance documentsReceiving social insurance documents

Receiving social insurance documents

Consultation and drafting of registration documents

  • Consultation on information about various types of social insurance;
  • Advice on entitlements and subsidies;
  • Consultation on registration procedures and costs;
  • Consultation and drafting of registration documents and forms;
  • Advice on related costs;
  • Consultation on the latest updates about social insurance.

On behalf of the client, we will carry out the procedures

During the process of registering for social insurance, businesses will undertake the following tasks on behalf of the client:

  • Submitting the application at the registration office.
  • Making adjustments and additions to the documentation and procedures when required.
  • Monitoring the evaluation process and the outcome of the application.
  • Keeping track of the progress of the application’s resolution.
  • Collaborating with other relevant authorities.

The benefits of using social insurance registration services

When using social insurance registration services, it brings the following benefits:

  • Protecting employees’ rights and benefits: Employees will be ensured social benefits such as health insurance, occupational accident insurance, unemployment insurance, and retirement insurance. This contributes to creating a stable and safe working environment.
  • Enhancing image and trust from employees: Businesses that care for and ensure social benefits for employees demonstrate their commitment and responsibility towards the development and welfare of employees, creating a positive working environment and attracting talented employees.
  • More efficient human resource management: Using social insurance registration services helps businesses manage human resources more professionally, from collecting information, managing records to calculating appropriate contributions for each employee.
  • Minimizing financial risks: Social insurance helps minimize financial risks for both businesses and employees in the event of unexpected events such as accidents, illnesses, or unemployment.

Therefore, understanding the regulations and procedures is crucial when registering social insurance for businesses to ensure compliance with the law and protect the rights of employees. By providing careful advice and support to clients in every aspect of the registration process, Long Phan commits to delivering the most convenient and professional service for your business. Contact us via Hotline 0906.735.386 for more information and to start the social insurance registration process smoothly.

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