About Us (Open letter)

Long Phan Investment Consulting and Legal Services Company Limited

First and foremost, Long Phan Investment Advisory and Legal Services Company sincerely thanks our clients for their trust and for choosing us as their advisory and legal service provider.

Long Phan was founded with the mission to simplify legal procedures – enabling our clients to achieve quick and successful solutions. We operate and grow with our clients’ trust as our guiding principle.

Long Phan‘s strength is confirmed in its capacity for professional and effective legal advice on business, investment, licensing, intellectual property, contracts, etc., both domestically and internationally. With a team of experienced and enthusiastic lawyers, experts, and consultants, we are proud of the outcomes we have delivered to our clients.

When clients place their trust in Long Phan, we commit to providing solutions that are optimally aligned with our clients’ interests.

Why choose Long Phan?



Operating Principles

With a vision to become a consulting business that establishes its position in Vietnam and reaches international levels, Long Phan is committed to developing with our clients’ trust as the compass.

“Give Trust – Receive solutions”

Quality Commitment

Long Phan does not claim to be the best consulting unit, but it will be the place where advice is effective, suitable, and optimizes benefits for our clients the most. The interests of our clients are the reason for Long Phan’s operation and development.

Choosing Long Phan’s services, we commit that our clients will receive satisfaction both in the quality of service and in the attitude of service.


Long Phan is proud to introduce our team of talented and passionate personnel at our company. We value the contributions and are committed to delivering the best solutions for our clients. All personnel at Long Phan include leading experts in each field.

Business consulting services

Business consulting has become an essential service for entrepreneurs. In business, facing complex and changing issues is inevitable. However, with professional advice and extensive knowledge, businesses can find optimal solutions for themselves. In this article, we will introduce the business consulting services of Long Phan – a professional and reliable unit.

Debt resolution consulting is a service that supports clients in managing, drafting, executing contracts, and resolving disputes that arise during execution. Utilizing debt resolution consulting services maximizes advantages and prevents potential disputes during contract negotiations and execution. For a detailed understanding of this service’s benefits, please refer to the following article by Long Phan.

Investment advice is a solution that helps investors overcome barriers in transactions. Investment activity is an important part in the development and growth of a business. However, grasping and understanding the related issues is not always easy. That’s why researching and consulting become necessary. Understanding this mindset, Long Phan offers consultancy services to optimize this process.

Intellectual property consulting services

Intellectual property consultancy plays a crucial role in helping clients protect brand values they have created, such as trademarks, copyrights, and industrial property rights. However, understanding the intricacies and regulations of intellectual property is not straightforward. To address this, Long Phan offers intellectual property consultancy services to optimally support clients with their challenges.

Labor consulting services

Labor consultancy is a service that provides support and advice to businesses in the field of human resource management and labor-related issues. Utilizing labor consultancy services alleviates concerns regarding the complexities of human resource management for businesses, ensuring that processes are efficiently implemented and compliant with the law. In the following article, Long Phan will introduce to clients the values that labor consultancy brings.

Permit consultancy services for foreigners serve as a reliable support resource to help you overcome barriers when entering a new country. Applying for permits or carrying out various administrative procedures is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and practical experience. Therefore, Long Phan is proud to bring solutions for permit-related issues for foreigners.

Contract consulting services

Contract consultancy is a service that assists clients in developing, drafting, executing contracts, and resolving disputes that arise during their execution. Utilizing contract consultancy services allows clients to maximize their advantages and avoid potential disputes during the contracting and execution process. For a detailed understanding of the benefits of this service, you may refer to the article below by Long Phan.

Dispute resolution consulting services

Dispute resolution consulting is a service provided by expert consultants to help clients resolve ongoing disputes. By analyzing and evaluating the scale and cause of the dispute from various perspectives and developing effective resolution strategies, businesses can overcome difficult periods. For more information on the benefits of dispute resolution consulting services, please refer to the article below by Long Phan.

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