Long Phan is proud to introduce our team of talented and passionate personnel at our company. We value the contributions and are committed to delivering the best solutions for our clients. All personnel at Long Phan include leading experts in each field.

Chief Executive Officer – Jurist Ngan Duong Thi Kim (Ms.Ngan)

Jurist Ngan Duong Thi Kim

Currently serving as the CEO of Long Phan, with the main responsibility of directing and managing the company’s operations. In her leadership position, Ms. Ngan has built and developed Long Phan into a reputable and reliable consulting unit in the industry. With dedication and creativity, Ms. Ngan has achieved significant success in consulting and supporting businesses in important fields such as legal, financial, management, and contracts.  

With a deep understanding of labor consulting and contract fields, Ms. Ngan commits to bringing optimal solutions and helping clients succeed in today’s complex business environment.

Associate - Master Cuong Nguyen Le Quoc

As a tax – accounting consulting expert, Master Cuong Nguyen Le Quoc has helped many businesses implement tax and accounting procedures effectively and legally. With over 20 years of experience in this field, Mr. Cuong is capable of advising and supporting businesses on optimizing tax costs, managing finances effectively, ensuring compliance while prioritizing the interests of businesses.

Master Cuong Nguyen Le Quoc

Lawyer Luc Tran Tien

Associate - Lawyer Luc Tran Tien

Lawyer Luc Tran Tien – a dedicated person with a deep understanding of consulting fields in construction, real estate, and intellectual property. With his qualifications, experience, and extensive understanding of related issues, Lawyer becomes a reliable partner. Mr. Luc’s professionalism and dedication will bring optimal solutions and help clients achieve the desired business effectiveness.

In addition, Long Phan also has a team of specialists and assistants who are fully dedicated to clients. All are aimed at serving the best interests of you.  

With a diverse, professional, and experienced staff, Long Phan is confident that we can meet any challenge and bring the highest value to you. We commit to continue striving and developing to become a reliable and successful partner with our clients.