Intellectual Property Consulting Services for Foreigners in Vietnam

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Permit consultancy services for foreigners serve as a reliable support resource to help you overcome barriers when entering a new country. Applying for permits or carrying out various administrative procedures is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and practical experience. Therefore, Long Phan is proud to bring solutions for permit-related issues for foreigners.

Benefits of being advised on permits for foreigners

Benefits of being advised on permits for foreigners

What are Consultancy Services for Foreigners?

Consultancy in general, and specifically for foreigners, is a rapidly growing service sector. This activity plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and international businesses wanting to work or invest in a new country.

Consultancy services for foreigners in Vietnam provide information, guidance, and support. The target clients are individuals and businesses from abroad with investment, business, or residency needs in Vietnam. Through these services, clients can easily grasp the processes and various factors related to their planned activities.

Service providers focus on understanding clients’ needs and goals. They research and propose the most suitable and optimal solutions for related issues (permits, finance, economics, family marriage, residency, cultural social, investment, business, etc.). This helps clients save time, effort, and money in joining a new country.

Consultancy Content for Permits at Long Phan

Work Permits

Long Phan specializes in consulting and support services for permits for foreigners. Our service scope offers solutions for all necessary permits to establish and maintain employment relationships in Vietnam. From business licenses, work permits, investment, education to driving licenses, residency, taxes, contractors… all can be resolved.

With extensive experience and deep understanding, Long Phan guides clients through the necessary permits and assists them step by step in achieving them. With this service, clients will receive comprehensive and professional support.

Temporary Residence Cards

Consultancy services for temporary residence cards for foreigners include:

  • Evaluation and Survey: Assessing the client’s situation, examining factors like residency purpose, financial status, nationality, and related legal requirements; proposing solutions and advice.
  • Advising on the appropriate type of card for specific purposes and situations
  • Guidance on requirements, processes, timelines, procedures, specific documentation
  • Monitoring the submission, processing, and resolution of requests
  • Updating and providing information on policy adjustments

Advisory content on temporary residence cards

Advisory content on temporary residence cards

Marriage and Divorce Procedures for Foreigners

Long Phan’s consultancy services for marriage and divorce procedures aim to support foreigners in marrying or divorcing in Vietnam. This service helps clients understand the process and legal requirements, providing guidance and support in preparing documentation, and offering appropriate solutions and advice for desired outcomes.

This consultancy service includes:

  • Advice on procedures, documentation, and marriage – divorce processes
  • Evaluating financial situations, assets, children, alimony, rights, and obligations of the parties,…
  • Procedures for immigration, marital status confirmation, divorce recognition…

Adoption Procedures in Vietnam

Long Phan offers consultancy for foreigners in the adoption process, including:

  • Process, legal requirements, document preparation and collection;
  • Support in searching and selecting a suitable adoptee according to the client’s conditions and wishes;
  • Advice on meeting and evaluating the adoptee, support in making the final decision;
  • Analyzing and evaluating factors affecting the process like: finances, care regime, education conditions, residency, immigration, civil status,…
  • Providing support and consultancy services after the adoption process upon request;

Why Use Long Phan’s Permit Consultancy Services

With years of experience in this field, Long Phan is confident in meeting your needs because:

Expertise and Deep Understanding

Long Phan boasts a team of experienced experts knowledgeable in the field. This ensures you receive accurate, reliable advice for the desired process effectiveness.

Process Optimization

When providing services to clients, Long Phan prioritizes process optimization. Steps in the process are accelerated, saving clients time, effort, money, and ensuring completion on schedule.

Legal Compliance Assurance

Clients can rest assured that consultancy content always complies with legal regulations. This helps avoid legal risks and ensures client requirements are met legally and securely.

Dedicated After-sales Policy

Beyond high-quality services, Long Phan offers after-sales policies for clients. After each consultancy solution, Long Phan continues to support clients with preferential policies. We commit to accompanying clients and ensuring you receive comprehensive, dedicated support from our expert team.

Benefits of consulting on foreign permits at Long Phan

Benefits of consulting on foreign permits at Long Phan

Contact Methods

For consultancy on permits for foreigners, please contact us through the following methods for professional and dedicated support:

  • E-mail:
  • Hotline: 090.673.5386
  • Facebook: Long Phan Investment Consulting Company Ltd.
  • Zalo: 090.673.5386
  • Headquarters: Commercial Lot TM7, Lavita Garden Apartment, No. 17 Street No. 3, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC

Consultation Cost

Long Phan operates with the principle of providing solutions and proposing service packages that best fit each client’s needs and budget. We ensure clients only pay for services they truly need without any hidden costs. For more information on consultation fees, please contact Long Phan. We will provide detailed, clear, and transparent information to help you make an informed and trustworthy decision.

When settling or starting a business in another country, the challenges faced by foreigners are addressed through permit consultancy services. Let our team of experts provide accurate information and advice to help you achieve your goals smoothly and efficiently. If interested in this issue, please contact Long Phan via Hotline 090.673.5386 for more detailed information.

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Benefits of being advised on permits for foreigners

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