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Tax settlement involves examining the overall validity of tax figures for individuals and organizations. To perform tax settlement correctly according to regulations and ensure the business’s interests, the executor needs to have a deep understanding of tax laws and experience in this field. Therefore, choosing reputable tax settlement services at Long Phan is an effective choice to address these challenges.

Tax settlement advisory servicesTax settlement advisory services

The importance of tax settlement

Tax settlement is a crucial and necessary phase for businesses. It is a mandatory activity for enterprises, and conducting tax settlement helps businesses achieve the following objectives:

  • Determine business efficiency through reports on the company’s accounting, business results, and cash flow in its operations.
  • Year-end tax settlement reports enable businesses to submit accurate financial reports promptly to the tax authorities.
  • Proper tax settlement according to regulations helps taxpayers avoid penalties in the tax field.
  • Through tax settlement activities, businesses can evaluate their financial situation and assess, adjust business strategies for future alignment.
  • Tax settlement assists businesses in fulfilling their financial obligations regarding taxes to the state.

Tax settlement advisory service

Review and enhance the entire documentation

To carry out tax settlement, it is essential to go through accounting and financial reports, as well as various invoices, documents, and receipts related to the business operations. Therefore, the most critical aspect of tax settlement is the review and enhancement of documents related to taxes. The tax settlement advisory service will accurately perform the review and enhancement of tax documents by:

  • Collecting invoices and documents related to the business activities of the enterprise.
  • Conducting a review, inspection, supplementation, and enhancement of various invoices.
  • Auditing the procedures of issuing invoices, the usage status of invoices, the content within invoices, and the timing of invoice issuance compared to handover protocols.
  • Verifying the appropriateness of the company’s accounting documents.
  • Reviewing the tax declarations of the enterprise.
  • Examining details and promptly handling cases of lost invoices, documents.
  • Adjusting and supplementing documents with errors that do not comply with tax regulations.
  • Advising and addressing outstanding issues in the tax declaration and settlement activities;

Evaluating potential risks

Tax settlement operations are complex, and there are potential risks that may arise during the process:

  • Inaccurate review of invoices and documents.
  • Missing invoices related to expenses, leading to an increase in reported profits and, consequently, higher tax obligations.
  • Imbalance between revenue and expenses in business operations.
  • Other risks that may arise depending on specific cases.

In addition to providing advisory services to address current challenges, advisory services must also ensure the assessment of future risks associated with the issues being resolved.

Optimizing business profitability

One of the methods to optimize profitability for businesses is to ensure optimal tax compliance during tax settlement. Optimizing taxes involves applying legal provisions along with the long-term tax strategy of the business to reduce tax costs in accordance with the law. Tax optimization aims to help businesses reduce costs, increase profits, and achieve sustainable development.

The advisory service for optimizing business profitability will assist the business in optimizing profits through the following activities:

  • Advising and clearly explaining tax regulations to the business.
  • Controlling the business’s tax expenses within the legal framework.
  • Establishing an organized accounting system and procedures within the business.
  • Developing a long-term tax cost reduction strategy for the business, ensuring both cost reduction and legal compliance.
  • Utilizing tax incentive policies to plan detailed tax applications for the business’s operations.

Advisory on other issues

In addition to specific consultations related to tax settlement activities, tax settlement services also provide guidance on issues related to corporate income tax, personal income tax, and other types of taxes. Some specific issues that may be addressed include explaining and negotiating during tax authority audits, preparing budgets for settlement periods, and various other related matters.

Why choose Long Phan for tax settlement advisory

Engaging Long Phan for tax settlement advisory services will provide clients with efficiency and satisfaction during the tax settlement process. Our team comprises experts in tax matters with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field. These experts are dedicated to answering questions and providing maximum support to clients throughout the tax settlement process. When using Long Phan’s tax settlement advisory services, clients can benefit from:

  • Cost and time savings in fulfilling tax-related financial obligations.
  • Rigorous and accurate review of accounting data.
  • Precise scrutiny of invoices, documents, tax declarations, and financial reports.
  • Thorough completion of ledgers and tax reports in compliance with regulations.
  • Accurate and reasonable tax reporting aligned with accounting figures and submitted tax reports.
  • Identification of potential risks during tax settlement and proposed appropriate solutions.
  • Enthusiastic advice and assistance from tax experts who understand tax regulations.
  • Commitment to responsibility for documents and reports prepared by our experts on behalf of the client.

Long Phan consistently delivers advisory services with a team of experienced experts, ensuring client satisfaction, and maintaining a dedicated approach to support clients whenever needed.

Tax settlement advisory at Long PhanTax settlement advisory at Long Phan

Service delivery process

The service delivery process for tax settlement advisory is carried out through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Receipt of Request

Upon receiving the information and request from the client, Long Phan will identify the specific areas and scope requiring advisory services, as well as the issues the client needs to address in relation to tax settlement activities.

  • Step 2: Evaluation and Analysis

Long Phan will conduct an assessment of the client’s situation based on the provided information. Detailed analysis of the client’s requirements will be carried out.

  • Step 3: Tax Settlement Planning

At this stage, Long Phan will develop a tax settlement plan with detailed content, including the implementation stages, corresponding timeframes, tasks to be performed, and the documents to be prepared for tax settlement. We will create a detailed plan accompanied by specific explanations for each item in the plan. Additionally, we will identify potential risks in the tax settlement process.

  • Step 4: Implementation of Tax Settlement Plan

Once approved, the team at Long Phan will execute the plan as designed and remain flexible in its practical implementation. Tax settlement activities will be carried out meticulously, ensuring accuracy while safeguarding the interests of the business and compliance with regulations.

  • Step 5: Evaluation and Monitoring

Tax settlement is a complex activity with inherent risks. Therefore, we will regularly update the progress of the work and closely monitor each stage to promptly address any unexpected situations.

Upon completion of the tax settlement, if the client requires further assistance, we will be ready to provide support to the best of our ability.

Tax settlement advisory fees

Tax settlement advisory fees consist of two main types: fixed fees and performance-based fees.

Fixed Fees: Advisory experts will determine an appropriate fee based on the complexity and scope of the tax settlement process, as well as the volume of work requested by the client. This fee will be explicitly outlined in the service contract.

Performance-based Fees: The parties involved in the tax settlement advisory service may agree to a contract with performance-based incentives. This involves rewarding the service provider when they successfully fulfill the client’s requirements. The terms of the incentive, including conditions triggering the reward and the specific amount, will be documented in the contract.

Tax settlement advisory feesTax settlement advisory fees

Tax settlement services help businesses save costs and time in fulfilling tax obligations. Additionally, these services ensure accuracy and assist businesses in redefining their tax strategies. If clients need advice on tax settlement, please contact the hotline at 090.673.5386 to receive assistance from Long Phan’s experts.

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