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Registering your business before it goes into operation is not an easy process. However, with information, preparation, and proper advice, entrepreneurs can establish a solid foundation for success. Consulting and support services for business registration are the most effective solution. In this article, Long Phan will help you understand more about the values that these services bring to your business.

Business registration consulting servicesBusiness registration consulting services

What is business registration consulting?

Business registration consulting services provide support and guidance in the process of establishing a new business. Consulting firms offer in-depth knowledge about essential aspects before a business begins its operations. All the procedures, formalities, and necessary requirements throughout the registration process and the initial post-establishment phase are efficiently and quickly assisted.

Receiving recommended solutions from the early stages helps businesses save time, costs, and effort. It ensures compliance with requirements and optimizes the establishment process.

Which target audience should use consulting services?

Business registration consulting is a beneficial choice for individuals, organizations, and new businesses in need of assistance and guidance in matters related to business. The target audience for utilizing this service may include:

  • Individuals starting a new business
  • Businesses in the process of expansion
  • Businesses facing challenges at the commencement of operations
  • Investors looking to optimize processes,…

Methods to support newly established businessesMethods to support newly established businesses

What does business registration establishment consulting entail?

Key considerations before establishing a business.

Long Phan understands that establishing a new company requires meticulous preparation. Additionally, newcomers need in-depth knowledge about various business factors. With our consultancy, clients will gain the methods and tools necessary to carry out activities such as:

  • Shaping business strategy, exploring potential markets, identifying target customers, and seeking suitable resources and partners.
  • Providing essential knowledge and strategies to define goals, analyze the market, plan business activities, and determine a suitable business model.
  • Scaling and operations: Business type, capital; business sector, subsidiary licenses, business name, headquarters, business location, tax – accounting, contracts, legal matters, intellectual property ownership..

Compilation of procedures for business registration

We provide consultancy services for procedures related to typical business registration, including:

  • Research and establishment of the business registration information system.
  • Procedures for company establishment, involving drafting documents, preparing applications, submitting files either in-person or online, receiving results, and monitoring the resolution process.
  • Initial tax registration.
  • Management and legal procedures: Trademark registration, social insurance registration, health insurance registration, seal engraving, property registration procedures for owners,…

Issues related to business operationsIssues related to business operations

Issues after business registration

To effectively manage and develop a company after registration, investors should focus on the following issues:

  • Business management: Management processes, planning, financial management, human resource management, and quality management.
  • Finance and accounting: Management, analysis, financial reporting, and other accounting issues such as taxes, auditing, and risk.
  • Legal and contracts: All legal aspects of business, including drafting and reviewing contracts, operations, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution.
  • Expansion and investment: Development strategy, assessing investment opportunities, seeking partners and funding, and support during the implementation of new projects.

Cost of business registration consulting

Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, the type of business entity, and specific client requirements, Long Phan will propose a service package with an appropriate cost. Typically, the fees will be determined based on factors such as the scope of services, workload, specialized requirements, etc. For more detailed information, please contact Long Phan directly to receive a quote and the best advice.

Business registration consulting services offer numerous significant benefits for new or developing businesses. By leveraging specialized support, you can save time, effort, and minimize risks. Contact us now at Hotline 090.673.5386, so that Long Phan’s team of consulting experts can provide the best advice and support for your business.

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