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Marriage consulting – divorce services are solutions provided for couples progressing towards marriage or contemplating the termination of their relationship. To ensure that these processes unfold smoothly and guarantee that every decision is made with understanding and profound knowledge, we are pleased to introduce our marriage consulting – divorce services. Below are the details of Long Phan’s marriage consulting – divorce services for your reference.

Marriage - divorce consultationMarriage – divorce consultation

Why is consultation necessary before carrying out marriage and divorce procedures, especially those involving foreign elements?

Marriage consulting – divorce services represent a form of counseling that combines legal and psychological aspects to assist individuals and families in every aspect of the marriage and divorce processes. The services include but are not limited to activities such as pre-marital counseling, divorce counseling, resolution of marital conflicts, family financial management, and psychological support.

This service helps ensure that all involved parties receive comprehensive support and the information they need to face the challenges and decisions during the formation and termination of marital relationships.

Marriage consulting – divorce services for foreigners in Vietnam

Consultation on marriage procedures, marriage notation in Vietnam

Firstly, regarding marriage procedures in Vietnam:

  • Identify the conditions and requirements necessary for marriage and marriage notation in Vietnam.
  • Provide detailed guidance on the steps, sequence of registering marriage, and marriage notation in Vietnam.
  • Consult on the documents, paperwork required for registering marriage, and marriage notation in Vietnam.
  • Offer guidance and instructions on resolving issues that may arise during the execution of these procedures.
  • Provide consultation on resolving other issues related to the registration of marriage and marriage notation in Vietnam.

Divorce procedure consultation

  • Assess issues related to divorce conditions, marital status based on information provided by the client;
  • Provide detailed advice on rights and risks for all parties involved in the divorce process;
  • Propose negotiation options between parties to expedite the divorce proceedings;
  • Offer detailed guidance on the necessary steps for divorce;
  • Provide advice on preparing divorce documentation;
  • Provide in-depth advice on working with the court and related parties;
  • Advise on resolving issues that may arise during the divorce process;
  • Consult on other issues related to divorce procedures.

Issues related to child custody, dispute over shared assets, and shared debts after divorce with a foreign party

Issues related to child custody, dispute over shared assets, and shared debts after divorce with a foreign party:

  • Consult on shared assets, separate assets, and the division of property during divorce;
  • Review and assess the division of shared debts formed during the marriage;
  • Advise on agreement options for the division of shared property and debts when divorcing;
  • Provide in-depth advice on legal actions to gain custody of children; child support obligations; visitation rights after divorce;
  • Advise on resolving issues when unable to meet or care for children;
  • Consult on other relevant issues.

Consultation on other marriage and divorce-related issues

  • Advisory on drafting prenuptial agreements;
  • Detailed consultation on agreements regarding shared assets, shared debts of spouses during the marriage period;
  • Consultation on the procedures for adopting stepchildren;
  • Advisory on issues related to the procedures of gifting, transferring, mortgaging, etc., the couple’s shared property;
  • Consultation on other related issues.

Why should clients choose Long Phan?

Here is a list of reasons why Long Phan can be an excellent choice:

  • Deep expertise: A team of experienced consultants with profound expertise in marriage and divorce, boasting a significant track record of success.
  • Legal understanding and experience: Long Phan possesses extensive knowledge of the law and experience in guiding relevant legal regulations, ensuring compliance with legal procedures.
  • Dedication and independence: Providing dedicated and independent support to clients, accompanying them through every step of the marriage or divorce process. Offering accurate advice tailored to each specific situation.
  • Privacy assurance: A commitment to ensuring privacy, maintaining the confidentiality of personal and family information, providing a sense of security for clients.
  • Diverse services: Offering a variety of services, from pre-marital counseling to post-divorce dispute resolution, meeting diverse needs of clients.
  • Effective conflict resolution: Capable of effectively resolving conflicts and marital disputes, assisting in negotiations to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Transparency in costs: Providing clear cost information, no hidden fees, ensuring transparency and fairness in the consulting process.
  • Multidisciplinary expert team: Possessing a multidisciplinary team of experts, from lawyers to psychologists, ensuring comprehensive and extensive knowledge coverage.

Choosing Long Phan brings professional and reliable support, helping clients achieve effective and successful solutions in every marital situation.

Why choose marriage - divorce consulting servicesWhy choose marriage – divorce consulting services

Service delivery method

Phone consultation

To quickly and conveniently address any inquiries, customers can contact Long Phan directly through the Hotline number 0906.735.386 for prompt advice and effective solutions from our team of specialized experts and lawyers.

Other consultation methods

Customers seeking consultation can choose to contact Long Phan through the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Facebook: Long Phan Investment Consulting Company Limited
  • Zalo: 0906.735.386
  • Company Headquarters: TM7 Commercial Lot, Lavita Garden Apartment, 17 Street No. 3, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

The method of marriage - divorce consultingThe method of marriage – divorce consulting

Marriage Consulting – Divorce services go beyond providing legal and psychological information; they also entail close companionship throughout the journey of every individual and family. We commit not only to being consulting partners but also steadfast companions, always ready to listen and support. If you have any further questions on the mentioned issues or require expert advice and assistance, please feel free to contact us through the hotline: 090.673.5386 for support.

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