Labor Dispute Resolution Consulting

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Disputes in general, and labor disputes in particular, require specific and detailed advice and guidance. Through consulting, the dispute resolution process can be expedited, timely, effective, and especially ensure the legal rights and interests are protected. To understand more about Long Phan’s labor dispute resolution consulting services, clients can refer to the information below.

Labor Dispute Resolution Consulting ServicesLabor Dispute Resolution Consulting Services

Common Types of Labor Disputes

Currently, labor disputes are quite common with various forms and contents. Specifically, some of the common types of disputes encountered in practice include:

  • Disputes over unilateral termination of employment contracts
  • Labor disputes determining the rights and obligations of the parties in the contract
  • Disputes regarding wages, severance allowances, unemployment benefits, social insurance, and unemployment insurance
  • Disputes over material responsibility, labor discipline
  • Disputes over reimbursement of training expenses
  • Disputes regarding compensation for damage, allowances upon termination of the contract
  • Strikes
  • Labor supply
  • Issues arising from labor involving foreign elements
  • Disputes related to individuals assigned to manage the business or holding management positions in the business.

Labor Dispute Resolution Consulting Services

Long Phan offers the following labor dispute resolution services:

Consulting on Methods for Resolving Labor Disputes

  • Proposing dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation; initiating legal proceedings in Court or Commercial Arbitration.
  • Evaluating and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each dispute resolution method.
  • Analyzing the disputed issue to help clients choose the suitable dispute resolution method.
  • Providing guidance and advice on which dispute resolution method to choose that is appropriate, effective, quick, and cost-saving.
  • Consulting on the plan to resolve the dispute according to the method chosen by the client.
  • Drafting a detailed and specific dispute resolution plan draft as per the client’s request.

Court Resolves Labor DisputesCourt Resolves Labor Disputes

Consulting on Procedures and Processes for Resolving Labor Disputes

  • Consulting on the legal standing of parties involved in dispute resolution.
  • Advising on the conditions of each specific dispute resolution method.
  • Consulting on the jurisdiction for dispute resolution.
  • Consulting and guiding the process for resolving collective labor disputes and individual labor disputes.
  • Consulting and assisting in preparing documentation for dispute resolution.
  • Advising on potential risks and obstacles that may arise during the dispute resolution process; simultaneously providing solutions to overcome them.
  • Consulting on the time limits for dispute resolution.
  • Advising on conditions and procedures for complaints and appeals against dispute resolution decisions.
  • Additionally, other related issues during the dispute resolution process.

Consulting and Drafting Applications and Related Documents During Dispute Resolution

  • Providing templates for initiating arbitration or court proceedings and related forms.
  • Advising on the contents required in the applications according to regulations and the presentation format within the application.
  • Evaluating and commenting on the content and format of the applications and documents provided by the client.
  • Drafting related documentation.
  • Drafting documents for dispute resolution agreements.
  • Consulting and guiding the drafting of self-defense statements and argumentation.
  • Providing templates for recording negotiation and dispute resolution discussions

Consulting and Drafting Labor Dispute Lawsuit ApplicationsConsulting and Drafting Labor Dispute Lawsuit Applications

Consulting on Perfecting the Legal Framework for Labor Management After Dispute Resolution

  • Consulting on establishing labor relations that ensure a harmonious balance of interests between employers and employees.
  • Consulting, guiding, and advising on effective labor management plans and strategies.
  • Consulting and reviewing labor contracts and other related contracts before signing with employees.
  • Consulting and proposing drafts for the development of regimes for employees.
  • Consulting on building processes for handling labor discipline, unilateral termination of employment contracts, and dismissals in accordance with regulations.
  • Advising on how to handle newly arising labor disputes.
  • Participating in negotiations when signing labor contracts and resolving labor disputes right from the early stages of the dispute.

Dispute Resolution Consulting Fee

Based on the nature, complexity, and client’s requirements, the company will determine a specific fixed fee. This fee will be clearly stated in the service contract signed by both parties. In cases where the client requires more in-depth support on a specific issue, the fee schedule will be updated accordingly through a contract annex.

Contact Methods for Dispute Resolution Consulting

Clients who need dispute resolution consulting can contact us through one of the following methods:

  • Hotline: 0906.735.386
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Long Phan Investment Consulting Company Limited
  • Zalo: 0906.735.386
  • Or visit our company’s headquarters at: Commercial lot TM7, Lavita Garden Apartment, No. 17 Street No. 3, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Finding an accurate and appropriate dispute resolution approach that ensures your rights and interests is not easy. Incorrect or inappropriate determinations regarding the dispute can lead to wasted time, costs, and even failure. Therefore, if clients are unsure which method to choose for dispute resolution or how to plan the resolution, please contact Long Phan via Hotline: 090.673.5386 for the most specific and detailed advice.

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Labor Dispute Resolution Consulting Services

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