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The investment method is the way investors utilize their investment capital in business activities. Investment can be applied to both domestic and foreign investors. In order to support businesses on various issues such as investment types, investment strategies, foreign investment, and resolution of investment disputes, Long Phan’s investment consulting services have been established to meet the needs of clients

Investment methods in business operationsInvestment methods in business operations

Some considerations when investing in business

Every individual or organization, when deciding to invest, aims to avoid wasting their money. Therefore, before engaging in investment, businesses need to consider several issues for effective investment, such as:

  • Selecting the industry or sector in which the investor has strengths;
  • Planning market research in the desired investment sector, assessing the potential and challenges of the market;
  • Setting clear goals and strategies for investment activities;
  • Evaluating the financial situation of the investor;
  • Establishing criteria for selecting suitable partners;
  • Equipping oneself with extensive knowledge of investment and finance.

In addition, investors, when initiating investment activities, should seek advice and input from specialized departments, agencies, and organizations. This ensures the formulation of the best policies aimed at maximizing profits for the investor.

Reasons to use business investment consulting services

There are numerous factors that prompt investors to seek business investment consulting services, as the investment process involves not only navigating through complex initial procedures but also addressing issues that arise after capital infusion. This is a lengthy process, and investment consulting services help investors optimize time, save costs, and streamline the project implementation process.

Our investment consulting services offer the following key features:

  • A team of experienced lawyers and specialists in various investment fields, with a dedicated and professional working approach.
  • Transparent, reasonable fees tailored to customer requirements.
  • Clear, fast, and effective work implementation timeline.
  • Optimal solutions for clients.
  • Minimization of risks to the lowest possible level.
  • Thoughtful and attentive customer care, even after the service concludes.
  • Always listening to customer opinions and inquiries, and incorporating feedback to enhance service quality.

Therefore, utilizing investment consulting services is essential for customers to ensure the effectiveness of their investment activities.

Investment method consulting services

Consulting on investment method selection for investors

Firstly, advising on the selection of investment methods involves several activities, such as:

  • Establishing current investment method options;
  • Analyzing the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each investment method;
  • Evaluating existing resources such as finances, policies, and plans;
  • Assessing the compatibility of investment goals with each investment method;
  • Providing recommendations for suitable investment method choices.

Secondly, advising on investor selection includes:

  • Establishing criteria for selecting investors;
  • Creating a list of existing investors;
  • Evaluating prequalification and bidding documents of investors based on the initial criteria;
  • Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and distinguishing features of each profile;
  • Reviewing and approving the selection of the most suitable investor profile;
  • Negotiating with the investor to align intentions and preferences, reaching a consensus on activities;
  • Signing a contract after agreeing on the plan.

Investors rely on their needs, plans, and investment direction to choose the most suitable and effective investment method, ensuring that investment activities yield profits for the investor.

Tư vấn về các phương thức đầu tưConsulting on investment methods

Consulting on implementing investment policies

To proceed with an investment project, investors need approval for the investment program, the investment project, and the feasibility study report, also known as the investment policy. In order to implement the investment policy, investors must consider the following:

  • Define the investment objective;
  • Conduct research and market exploration in the desired investment sector;
  • Identify the key project that the investor aims to target;
  • Evaluate the investment project in line with the stated objectives, forecasting opportunities, and potential risks;
  • Implement the project;
  • Complete the procedures for issuing the investment policy decision;
  • Address the limitations that foreign investors may encounter when implementing the investment policy;
  • Highlight other issues that investors should be aware of when implementing the investment policy.

Investment advisory for overseas investments

Investing abroad is by no means a simple matter when allocating one’s capital to invest in a country outside the territory of Vietnam. Understanding this mindset, we provide advisory services to our clients when engaging in overseas investments, addressing issues such as:

  • The predominant forms of overseas investment today;
  • Identifying the desired investment sectors;
  • Proposing prospective projects;
  • Evaluating investment projects;
  • Developing a strategy for overseas investment;
  • Securing investment capital;
  • Identifying potential risks and proposing solutions for these risks;
  • Procedures for obtaining the Certificate of Overseas Investment;
  • Challenges and considerations to be aware of after obtaining the Certificate of Overseas Investment.

In addition to the above issues, solutions for investors encountering challenges during both domestic and overseas investment processes will also be comprehensively provided based on our clients’ requirements.

Thực hiện đầu tư ra nước ngoàiImplementing foreign investment

Resolving investment-related disputes

Investment activities are now commonplace; however, when the investment process is not tightly managed, disputes can arise. When you come to us, you will receive advice on investment dispute-related issues, including:

  • Explanation of the challenges that investors are facing leading to disputes;
  • Issues related to disputes;
  • Options for resolving disputes, recommending suitable dispute resolution methods for each client;
  • Providing directions on handling the dispute case and proposing optimal solutions for clients;
  • Guiding on necessary documentation and procedures that investors need to undertake when facing investment disputes.

Long Phan investment consultation process

Our consultation process follows a clear sequence and roadmap. This is essential to help clients understand the progress of the investment consultation, enabling them to make necessary preparations for addressing any challenges they may encounter. Our investment consultation process unfolds as follows:

  • Receipt of the case and identification of the client’s investment requirements;
  • Collection of documents and records from the client related to the investment field;
  • Request for necessary documents, papers, and information from the client;
  • Evaluation of the provided documents, records, and the context of the investment case;
  • Preparation of essential information and documents to provide services to the client;
  • Planning consultation for each of the client’s investment requirements;
  • Signing of the consulting service contract;
  • Fulfilling advisory obligations to the client, discussing strategies, plans, and investment implementation;
  • Proposing the most effective solutions to address issues for the client;
  • Advising on activities and procedures after the completion of the investment project;
  • Handover of files and documents to the client upon completion of all tasks.

Depending on the specific circumstances of the case and client requirements, our service delivery roadmap remains flexible to ensure the fulfillment of commitments in protecting the client’s rights. Providing solutions in investment activities is an effective measure to offer investors peace of mind when injecting capital into any business sector during their business operations. Knowledge about investment and practical experience in investment activities will be shared with clients, maximizing the benefits of using consulting services.

Therefore, to receive prompt assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through the hotline at 0906.735.386 or Long Phan for consultation on your case and to inquire about our service pricing.

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