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Merger and Acquisition (M&A) is the activity of gaining control over a business through buying and merging. M&A activities aim to restructure and pave the way for business development. To fully understand the strategy, evaluation methods, and negotiation processes, Long Phan provides consulting services to meet the needs and address the queries of our clients.”

Business acquisition and mergeBusiness acquisition and merger deal

Issues related to merger and acquisition (M&A) activities

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions are not just simple business purchase agreements; they directly impact the economic interests of both the buyer and the seller. Nowadays, for an M&A transaction to be carried out effectively, the parties involved need to have a certain understanding of the process of buying, selling, and merging businesses. Some key issues that the parties in an M&A deal need to consider include:

  • The investor’s purpose for the M&A transaction;
  • The scale of the M&A transaction;
  • Strategies for preparing for business buying, selling, and merging;
  • Legal framework that both parties need to ensure;
  • The target business’s situation in the deal, including financial status, budget, commercial activities, management system, workforce, and business brand;
  • Pricing for the M&A transaction;
  • Feasibility and effectiveness of the business buying, selling, and merging deal;
  • Common risks associated with M&A transactions.

These are crucial issues that help businesses make decisions on whether to proceed with the M&A deal. Therefore, any investor should conduct thorough assessments and utilize supportive methods to carry out these operations.”

Benefits of using business acquisition and merger advisory services

In the current complex economic situation marked by high-interest rates, rising inflation, and declining business activities, the process of buying and selling businesses has become significantly more challenging. Recognizing the customer’s mindset when seeking the support and partnership of specialized entities with expertise in this field, our team of experienced, hands-on experts, prioritizing service quality, provides comprehensive business acquisition and merger advisory services to deliver value and benefits to clients:

  • Comprehensive guidance from planning to completing the transaction;
  • Cost savings in policy and strategy development as clients enter into the deal;
  • Direct and prompt assistance in reviewing and inspecting the transaction process, ensuring smooth execution of the plan;
  • Time and effort savings for clients;
  • Minimization of risks for clients during business acquisition and merger transactions;
  • Dedicated and attentive customer care support.

For these reasons, we take pride in offering solutions that facilitate smoother business transactions.

Typical services at Long Phan

Advisory services for strategic planning and restructuring forms

Before embarking on any acquisition or merger project, both buyers and sellers need specific strategies for the transaction. This requires significant effort from investors. Leveraging our experience and market knowledge in mergers and acquisitions, we provide detailed strategies and plans tailored to our clients’ initial objectives. These strategies are meticulously crafted to ensure no critical aspects of the transaction are overlooked. Subsequently, our specialists establish a roadmap to execute the strategy efficiently.

In addition to strategic planning, we assist clients in selecting the most suitable restructuring forms for each buying, selling, or merging scenario. We evaluate the effectiveness of these restructuring forms in the deal, assess the strengths and weaknesses of each form, and propose the optimal choice. This ensures the investor’s financial prudence and the interests of all parties involved in the transaction are safeguarded.

Developing a business acquisition and merger strategyDeveloping a business acquisition and merger strategy

Consultation, search and evaluation of potential partners

Based on the established goals and strategies, we will guide you through several aspects of searching for potential partners:

  • Identify the market for business acquisition and merger activities.
  • Compile a list of potential partners in that market that aligns with your goals and strategies.
  • Select potential partners that match your objectives.
  • Evaluate these potential partners, considering their organizational structure, business scale, financial resources, human resources management, commercial activities, legal records, tax records, and more.
  • Analyze and assess the strengths, weaknesses, and standout features of these potential partners.

Searching for and evaluating potential partners helps clients make the best choices, avoiding risks or difficulties in the transaction process without proper support.

Consultation on analysis and assessment of opportunities and risks

Based on the analysis and assessment of potential partners for the client, we outline the opportunities and risks associated with this transaction to ensure that the client chooses the most suitable solution.

  • Opportunities in the business acquisition and merger transaction.
  • Future benefits that the client may receive from completing the transaction.
  • Anticipation of challenges and risks associated with the transaction.
  • Calculation of the potential success or failure of the transaction.
  • Proposal of options for the client to consider.

Consulting to support the negotiation and transaction execution process

Issues related to negotiation and transaction execution will be meticulously handled by us through specific tasks:

  • Connecting with potential partners of the client and presenting the transaction.
  • Conducting negotiations between the buyer and the seller to reach a common agreement.
  • Providing contract drafting services for mergers and acquisitions when negotiations have been successful.
  • Assisting in resolving difficulties for the client to efficiently execute the contract in case of any obstacles.

Throughout the negotiation and contract signing process, any concerns raised by the client will be promptly addressed and resolved to ensure the best protection of the client’s interests.

Signing the business acquisition and merger dealSigning the business acquisition and merger deal

Process of consulting for business acquisition, sale, and merger

The service of consulting for business acquisition, sale, and merger is carried out following a unified process, tailored to each case and customer’s requirements.

  • Receiving the client’s request regarding the business acquisition, sale, or merger.
  • Consolidating the documents and materials provided by the client.
  • Requesting additional necessary information related to the transaction from the client.
  • Evaluating and analyzing the transaction that the client seeks advice on.
  • Preparing information and documents about the transaction to support the consulting process.
  • Formulating a plan and consulting roadmap for the client.
  • Signing the service contract.
  • Regularly meeting and exchanging information with the client about the transaction.
  • Advising on transaction-related issues: Initial preparation steps, market analysis, potential partners, execution strategy, feasibility study of the project, etc.
  • Contacting and connecting with the client’s partners to facilitate the acquisition and merger procedures.
  • Providing advice on business restructuring after signing the contract.
  • Completing the business acquisition, sale, or merger, and handing over documentation to the client.
  • Assisting with post-service related issues for the client.

Adhering to the principle of considering customer trust as our guiding light for operations and development, we offer services to customers quickly, precisely, and efficiently. The consulting service for business acquisition, sale, and merger aims to provide customers with peace of mind and proactive control throughout the buying and selling process, maximizing benefits for the client.

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