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Labor management is crucial and one of the determining factors in the success or failure of a business. However, not everyone has the ability to manage labor well and effectively. Therefore, businesses need a team of professional labor management consultants. Below, Long Phan provides information about various labor management consulting service packages that businesses can consider.

Labor Management Consulting in Businesses

Labor Management Consulting in Businesses

Labor Management Trends in Businesses

As the socio-economic landscape continues to evolve and fluctuate, businesses are required to change and quickly adapt to survive and grow. Among these, the style of labor management is one of the factors that businesses need to pay attention to. Currently, the following labor management trends are emerging:

  • Remote labor management
  • Designing the organizational model of the future
  • Digital transformation of administrative and human resources offices
  • Changing mindset in recruiting staff
  • Treating employees as partners, not tools
  • Building an empowering culture
  • Using software for effective work management
  • Focusing on the analysis of human factors
  • Narrowing the real-world gaps
  • Collaborating with freelancers

Finding Effective Labor Management Solutions

To manage labor effectively, businesses need to build and choose a management style that is suitable for individuals, the work environment, and development trends.

Accordingly, the labor manager plays a significant role in influencing the quality and efficiency of work, as well as the retention and departure of employees. Therefore, the style of labor management is an important factor in the development of a business.

However, choosing an appropriate and effective management style is not easy. Labor managers must consider various factors: their own experience, the company’s work culture, the nature of the job, development trends, and especially the workers themselves. Therefore, to shorten the time and find effective labor management methods, businesses should seek advice on labor management.

Labor Management Consulting Services at Long Phan

Long Phan provides businesses with the following labor management services:

Labor Management Models

  • Consulting on popular labor management models currently in use
  • Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each labor management model
  • Consulting and reviewing the conditions and factors of the business suitable for which labor management model
  • Guiding businesses in choosing the appropriate management model and how to apply it in reality
  • Consulting and planning to implement the chosen labor management model in the company from the beginning to the end
  • Consulting, evaluating, and making adjustments to perfect the labor management model

Labor Management Model Consulting

Labor Management Model Consulting

Labor Restructuring

  • Consulting on cases where restructuring is necessary within the enterprise to ensure efficient production and business operations.
  • Consulting and guiding enterprises in conducting labor restructuring assessments.
  • Consulting, establishing, and planning the implementation of labor restructuring.
  • Consulting on the correct labor restructuring process according to regulations for each type of business.
  • Consulting and guiding the preparation of necessary documents to submit to the competent authority (if any).
  • Consulting on addressing issues after the enterprise has implemented labor restructuring.

Operation Process and Methods

  • Consulting and planning operations step by step and stage by stage in an intelligent and appropriate manner.
  • Consulting and guiding the review, inspection, and reporting of the labor management operation process throughout the operation, especially in the initial stage.
  • Providing evaluations, resolving difficulties, and making amendments and supplements to the labor management process.
  • Developing a comprehensive labor management process for internal documentation within the company.

Recruitment of Formal and Informal Labor

  • Consulting on the labor force suitable for the enterprise’s production activities.
  • Consulting and guiding the establishment of the formal labor recruitment process, including recruitment methods, probation, and contract signing.
  • Consulting and developing legal regulations for the recruitment of informal labor.
  • Advising on the documents and files needed to be prepared before recruiting labor in large quantities.
  • Consulting on conditions and procedures for recruiting foreign workers to work in Vietnam.
  • Advising on legal regulations, contract signing, implementation, and limiting legal risks when businesses recruit labor through employment service organizations or labor leasing.
  • Consulting, drafting, and reviewing labor contracts for businesses or labor leasing contracts.
  • Participating in negotiations with labor suppliers to ensure legal risks are covered.

Consultation and Negotiation for Signing Labor Contracts

Consultation and Negotiation for Signing Labor Contracts

Training and Enhancing Workmanship Quality

  • Developing strategies and plans for training and improving the skills of workers.
  • Consulting and limiting risks when training workers, especially sending workers abroad for training.
  • Providing standard training templates for enhancing workers’ skills according to regulations.
  • Drafting, reviewing, amending, and supplementing training contracts for perfection.
  • Consulting and assisting businesses in partnering with domestic and foreign worker training centers.
  • Advising on the costs of training workers.
  • Consulting and assisting in preparing training documents for workers, especially for sending workers abroad.
  • Advising on methods to bind workers to the company after training.
  • Consulting and guiding the resolution when trained workers do not work for the company.

Salary and Welfare Regime

  • Consulting and developing salary scales and payroll.
  • Consulting on welfare regimes and reward levels for workers.
  • Consulting and guiding the establishment of salary and bonus regulations for informal workers and foreign workers.
  • Consulting and developing the salary payment process for workers.
  • Consulting on resolving disputes related to salary and bonuses.

Social Security for Workers

  • Consulting on insurance regimes, registration, and insurance payout processes for workers.
  • Advising on regulations and support policies for workers in case of work-related accidents.
  • Building legal frameworks on labor safety.
  • Consulting on procedures for applying for work permits, visas, and consular legalization for foreign workers.
  • Consulting and guiding the registration of temporary or permanent residence for foreigners.
  • Consulting on obtaining health certification for workers

Labor Management Consulting Service Fee

Based on the nature, complexity, and client requirements, our company will determine a specific fixed fee. This fee will be clearly outlined in the service contract agreed upon and signed by both parties. Should the client need more detailed support on a specific matter, the fee schedule will be appropriately updated and included in a contract amendment. Please note that the service fee does not cover any taxes, fees, and statutory charges that clients are required to pay according to regulations.

Contact Methods for Consulting

Clients in need of dispute resolution consulting can reach us through the following methods:

  • Hotline: 0906.735.386
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Long Phan Investment Consulting Company Limited
  • Zalo: 0906.735.386
  • Office Address: Commercial lot TM7, Lavita Garden Apartment, No. 17 Street No. 3, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Labor management is crucial, acting as one of the key determinants of a business’s success or failure. However, managing labor effectively and unleashing the full potential of workers is not straightforward and requires a well-defined and specific strategy and plan. If you are uncertain or lack a deep understanding of labor management, please contact Long Phan via the Hotline: 0906.735.386 for the most detailed and specific advice and guidance.

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