Consulting on Initial Public Offering (IPO)

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The IPO (Initial Public Offering) activity is no longer unfamiliar in the stock market in Vietnam. It is a place for the exchange and trading of stocks to attract investors and raise capital for business activities. Clarifying issues related to current IPO activities, such as planning, assessing the company’s strength, or the procedures for issuing shares, will be carried out by Long Phan’s consulting services.

IPO Activities in the Investment MarketIPO Activities in the Investment Market

What is an IPO?

“IPO (Initial Public Offering), refers to the initial issuance of shares to the public. In this process, a company releases its shares to the public for the first time, listing them on the stock exchange with the aim of raising capital from investors interested in investing in the company.

Before conducting an IPO, a company is typically privately owned by individual or institutional investors on a smaller scale. After the IPO, the company’s shares become publicly traded on the stock market.

In addition to its function of raising capital, an IPO provides liquidity for founding shareholders, facilitates easier mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, and enhances transparency through information disclosure activities.

Why businesses need IPO

IPO (Initial Public Offering) has become a popular choice for many businesses today due to the benefits it brings, such as:

  • Easy and Fast Capital Mobilization:

The first and foremost benefit is that it allows businesses to raise capital easily and quickly. Attracting investment by offering shares on the stock market is the fastest way for investors to become aware of the business. Consequently, businesses can easily expand their scale, gather capital for long-term research and development. Capital investment can come from individual investors, investment funds, financial institutions, and the diverse sources in the market offer significant opportunities for businesses to increase their capital.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency:

Conducting an IPO requires strict compliance with conditions for listed companies. As a result, the company must enhance its quality and efficiency to meet these requirements. Specifically, the company is required to provide accurate and transparent financial reports to shareholders and meet the disclosure requirements for shareholders and the market. To achieve this, the company must have a clear development direction and implement it effectively. This key point leads to an improvement in operational efficiency.

  • Business Promotion:

A company engaged in an IPO is considered reputable. The listing of shares on the stock exchange builds trust for investors who can confidently invest in the business. This information will be published on financial websites and media, providing an opportunity for the business to get closer to investors and promote itself in the investment market.

IPO activities bring significant value to businesses, contributing to their robust development.

Should you use IPO consulting services

With the benefits that IPO activities bring, many businesses choose this method for development. However, implementing this activity in reality is not easy as it requires many conditions, complex processes, and challenges. Therefore, businesses need to seek a department that can support and be a strong arm for the enterprise when conducting IPO activities. Our IPO consulting service is the appropriate choice for customers because of the values we provide to help businesses:

  • Execute IPO activities optimally.
  • Expand the scale of operations.
  • Enhance the enterprise’s value in the market.
  • Achieve greater profits for the business.

With the experience of experts in the IPO field and dedicated customer service, we are confident in delivering the best value to our customers.

Consultation content at Long Phan

Guidance on direction and financial potential

Before proceeding with an IPO, businesses always need specific directions and an assessment of the financial potential through activities such as:

  • Consulting on market analysis in which the business is currently participating and aims to expand.
  • Advising on determining the goals and direction of the business when expanding operations through consensus-building meetings.
  • Providing guidance on analyzing the current financial potential of the business.
  • Offering advice on estimating the desired capital that investors will pour in when conducting the IPO activity.
  • Advising on assessing the feasibility of achieving the desired investment capital: Is it achievable?
  • Providing projections for capital infusion plans.

Consulting on plan development

After having a clear direction, building a plan for the implementation of the IPO activity is essential. We will guide you in constructing the plan, including:

  • Providing options for plan development.
  • Advising on selecting the most optimal approach for planning execution.
  • Guiding the creation of a unified plan, encompassing both short-term and long-term plans.
  • Advising on detailed, accurate, and effective plan development.

The specific plan determines the success or failure of the IPO activity. Therefore, businesses will be supported most closely during this stage.

Building a plan for IPO activitiesBuilding a plan for IPO activities

Consulting on analysis and evaluation of business value

The guidance and instructions we provide for businesses will encompass:

  • Evaluating the current operational and business status of the company.
  • Analyzing strengths and standout features that the company can leverage to attract investors.
  • Identifying existing issues within the business that may impact the IPO activity and developing corrective plans.
  • Assessing the company’s position in the current market, thereby formulating strategies to elevate the business.

Consulting on seeking potential investors

The process of searching for potential investors for fundraising involves the following steps:

  • Determining the amount of capital the business aims to attract.
  • Advising on suitable methods to identify investors corresponding to the desired capital, including specifying funding sources.
  • Providing guidance on developing plans to impress investors and secure funding, such as building a brand, marketing strategies, etc.
  • Offering advice on negotiating plans with investors, ensuring mutual benefits for all parties involved.

Legal consulting, support for document completion and procedures

In addition to the plans and strategies set forth by the business, the support and advisory department will provide insights for the company when engaging in fundraising through an IPO:

  • Advising on the identification of the components required for the IPO process.
  • Guiding on collecting any missing documents for the business.
  • Instructing on drafting compliance documents.
  • Providing guidance on the methods and locations for submitting documents.
  • Offering assistance with challenges encountered during the practical implementation of IPO procedures.
  • Supporting in contacting relevant authorities to resolve any document-related issues.

Advising on dispute resolution arising from IPO activities

Not every IPO proceeds smoothly and seamlessly. During the implementation of an IPO plan, disagreements may arise, and in some cases, investors may decide to withdraw their funds or disputes may occur. Businesses may face unforeseen challenges that were not previously anticipated. In such situations, we provide solutions for our clients through various activities:

  • Advising on proposed dispute resolution options to safeguard the client’s interests.
  • Guiding the business in preparing necessary materials for dispute resolution.
  • Advising on the required documents, procedures, and steps in the dispute resolution process.
  • Providing guidance on preparing essential tasks for dispute resolution.

While no one desires to engage in disputes, businesses should be prepared for potential risks, and the advisory department serves as a consultant for the business in case disputes arise.

Disputes in IPO activitiesDisputes in IPO activities

Implementing an IPO is an opportunity for a business to grow, expand its scale, and influence. Therefore, it is natural for businesses to require a team of experts in this field to advise on their IPO activities. To utilize our IPO advisory services or inquire about service fees, please contact us through the hotline at 0906.735.386 or reach out to Long Phan for quick and efficient assistance.

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