Consulting on Industrial Property Rights

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Consulting on industrial property rights involves advising on the registration, protection, and development of industrial property rights. In reality, the subjects of industrial property rights are very broad, and these entities are highly susceptible to intellectual property rights infringement. Through the following article, Long Phan will inform readers about some useful issues regarding industrial property rights.

Consulting on Industrial Property RightsConsulting on Industrial Property Rights

What is Industrial Property Rights?

Industrial Property Rights are the rights of organizations and individuals over inventions, industrial designs, semiconductor circuit layout designs, trademarks, trade names, geographical indications, trade secrets created or owned by them, and the right to protect against unfair competition.

It is evident that the subjects of industrial property rights are individuals and organizations such as authors or owners of industrial property objects, or individuals or organizations to whom the industrial property rights have been transferred.

For businesses, being the author or owner of a protected industrial property object, such as trademarks, patents, semiconductor circuit layout designs, trade names, trade secrets, allows them to commercially exploit or invest for profit from these objects through licensing, technology transfer, trade secrets, etc., to other individuals or organizations.

Why should businesses be protected by industrial property rights?

In reality, a new product or service always attracts customers when it appears on the market and, sooner or later, will be replicated by competitors producing similar products to the point of causing confusion. Therefore, to protect their creative efforts, individuals and organizations should plan to register for intellectual property protection and develop their products or services after protection to maximize profits.

Protection of Industrial Property RightsProtection of Industrial Property Rights

Some reasons why businesses should register for industrial property protection include:

  • Avoiding unfair competition in the market that can affect the reputation, credibility, as well as revenue and profits of the business.
  • Registering for industrial property protection helps businesses to commercially exploit and profit through licensing, technology transfer, trade secrets, exclusive formulas, and exploiting intellectual property rights.
  • Increasing the market value of the business when owning an asset protected by intellectual property law, such as patents, industrial designs, trademarks, etc.
  • Reflecting the capacity and vision of the business owner through the organization and systematic operation serving the long-term development of the business.
  • Minimizing economic and legal risks. A business owning a protection certificate has the right to request competent authorities to administratively or criminally handle infringements of its industrial property rights.

What does Long Phan’s industrial property rights consulting service include?

Long Phan offers the following range of consulting services on industrial property rights to our esteemed clients:

Industrial Property Rights Consulting ServicesIndustrial Property Rights Consulting Services

  • Consulting on conditions and procedures for the registration and protection of industrial property objects;
  • Consulting on the design and creation of industrial property objects in compliance with regulations and meeting brand identity and business strategy objectives that businesses aim for;
  • Advice on tools, platforms, and sectors for maximizing the use of protected industrial property objects;
  • Consulting on business advantages and profit-making opportunities when granted industrial property protection certificates;
  • Risk management related to industrial property rights;
  • Other issues related to industrial property rights that clients may need.

Why should you use consulting services at Long Phan?

Long Phan takes pride in satisfying customers with our consulting services because:

  • We offer comprehensive and flexible service packages, tailored to the needs of our clients;
  • We provide comprehensive advice on conditions, procedures, as well as the necessary documents and materials needed to quickly and easily register for the protection of industrial property objects;
  • We advise on the tasks that need to be carried out according to regulations before, during, and after obtaining an industrial property protection certificate;
  • We save time and costs for our clients;
  • We ensure that the work is completed according to the agreed schedule between the parties;
  • Clients benefit from customer care and support consulting after using our services.

In summary, maximizing the benefits of protecting industrial property objects is an issue that businesses should focus on before, during, and after their operations. Nowadays, due to the financial capabilities and relationships of competitors engaging in unfair competition, there is a frequent infringement of others’ intellectual property rights to quickly develop products and services. If you need in-depth consulting and support, please contact us at Long Phan via Hotline: 0906.735.386

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Consulting on Industrial Property Rights

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