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Consulting on copyright is a method of advising on the protection and development of copyright ownership for individuals and organizations. When copyright is protected, the author or owner can profit from their work. Therefore, creators should register copyrights for their works to have a better foundation for protecting their rights and minimizing the risk of intellectual property infringement. Long Phan will inform readers about these issues through the following article.

The work will be protected by copyrightThe work will be protected by copyright

What is Copyright?

In intellectual property law, copyright is the right of organizations and individuals to their works created or owned. Copyright includes both property rights and moral rights.

Additionally, in accordance with the Berne Convention, Vietnamese intellectual property law also stipulates that copyright arises from the moment a work is created and expressed in a certain material form, regardless of content, quality, form, medium, language, whether published or unpublished, registered or not registered.

A business owning copyright can hold one, some, or all of the property rights. Thereby, the business can commercially exploit the work, such as making derivative works, performing the work in public, distributing, importing the original or copies of the work, communicating the work to the public through wired, wireless, electronic information network or any other technical means, renting the original or copies of cinematographic works, computer programs, etc.

Why should copyright be protected?

As mentioned, in principle, copyright arises from the moment a work is created, meaning a work is naturally protected in Vietnam without needing to register with an authoritative agency. However, if copyright is protected, it better ensures the rights of the author. Specifically:

There are many benefits to registering copyright for a workThere are many benefits to registering copyright for a work

  • The copyright registration certificate in Vietnam is clear evidence of the effectiveness of copyright for the work. The owner of the protection certificate, in principle, does not necessarily have to prove ownership of the copyright and related rights in disputes;
  • When copyright is protected, the owner can commercially exploit the work through the transfer of intellectual property rights, allowing others to create derivative works;
  • Provides a solid basis to request competent authorities to quickly handle copyright infringement acts;
  • Early copyright registration helps minimize the risk of other organizations or individuals usurping the right to register and becoming the legal owner of the work.

According to regulations, the author or owner of a work has the right to name the work, to be credited under their real name or pseudonym on the work, to have their real name or pseudonym mentioned when the work is published, used, copied, modified, or transmitted, to make the work available to the public, and to allow others to participate in the exploitation of the work. When owning these rights, the owner, if a business, can commercially exploit them on its own through its ecosystem or allow other individuals or organizations to do so through cooperation agreements or economic contracts.

What factors evaluate a reputable copyright consulting firm?

Some criteria for assessing the quality of copyright consultation can be listed as follows:

Quality of copyright consulting servicesQuality of copyright consulting services

  • Experience and expertise as demonstrated through fundamental knowledge of intellectual property rights as well as a history of advising on copyright exploitation strategies for clients’ cases;
  • The consulting service comprehensively covers all issues raised by clients and optimizes rational solutions to maximize benefits for clients;
  • Feedback, evaluations, and perceptions of clients regarding the quality of services provided by an entity;
  • Customer care policies and support consulting for problem resolution after service provision are professional and ensure cost-effectiveness for clients.

What does Long Phan’s copyright consulting service include?

Long Phan offers the following range of copyright consulting services to our esteemed clients:

  • Consulting on the conditions, procedures for copyright protection registration as per regulations;
  • Advice on how to exploit copyright (licensing, derivative works, etc.);
  • Consulting on protection methods when copyright is infringed upon;
  • Advice on tools, platforms, target customer groups, and scopes to maximize benefits from copyrights.
  • Other issues related to copyright.

Contact Methods for Consultation

Currently, Long Phan offers services in two methods:

  • Case-specific consultation

This method supports clients who need advice on a specific matter. Accordingly, Long Phan will provide a comprehensive consultation on the client’s case and propose solutions to ensure maximum benefits.

  • Regular consultation

This method supports clients who need ongoing advice during their operations and ownership of copyright protection certificates. Long Phan will consult on any issues that arise during the client’s activities.

Each method has a different service fee structure. Interested readers can contact Long Phan through the following means for further information and support.

Firstly, online contact methods include:

  • Hotline: 090.673.5386
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Long Phan Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Zalo: 090.673.5386

Secondly, direct contact can be made at the office located at: Commercial lot TM7, Lavita Garden Apartment, No. 17 Street No. 3, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

In summary, registering for copyright protection is an issue that authors and owners should focus on to protect their interests to the fullest. Currently, the registration process is relatively complicated, and maximizing the benefits that can be exploited from the copyright certificate is a significant and broad question that authors or owners should investigate. If you require in-depth consulting and service implementation support, please contact us at Long Phan via Hotline: 090.673.5386

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The work will be protected by copyright

Consulting on Copyright – Long Phan Investment Consulting Company