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Bidding is the process of selecting contractors to sign contracts for investment projects based on transparency and fairness. The bidding process requires a complex procedure from preparation to actual bidding. Therefore, Long Phan’s bidding advisory services will assist customers in analyzing and evaluating contractors, bidding procedures, potential risks, or project implementation processes in the bidding activities.

Bidding ActivityBidding activity

The role of consulting firms in the bidding process

For a smooth and successful bidding process, most contractors often seek support from a bidding advisory department. This is understandable because most investors may not fully understand the principles and procedures of the bidding process, leading to ineffective or even erroneous participation. Therefore, the role of consulting services in bidding activities is essential:

  • Provide accurate and necessary information related to practical issues that may arise during the bidding process.
  • Answer questions, provide plans, and solutions for bidding without incurring excessive costs.
  • Establish a roadmap for the bidding process to proceed as planned and achieve the highest efficiency.
  • Accompany clients anytime, anywhere when facing any issues or uncertainties during the bidding process.

Furthermore, the bidding advisory unit is a specialized department. Therefore, the results achieved by the contractor will meet the needs of the clients.

Content of bidding consultancy at Long Phan

Consulting on analysis, searching for potential contractors

The search for potential contractors is crucial because the success of an investment project is determined by the contractors. Providing methods for searching for contractors is the responsibility of the bidding advisory department.

  • Consulting on market surveys of active contractors;
  • Identifying the goals that the client wants to achieve in the bidding process;
  • Advising on understanding the nature and scale of the bidding project;
  • Comparing and analyzing the characteristics of corresponding contractors, matching the client’s goals and criteria;
  • Compiling a list of potential contractors;
  • Selecting the optimal contractor to implement the investment project;
  • In-depth analysis consultancy on potential contractors regarding policies, planning, funding, execution capabilities, etc.;
  • Advising on the preparation of bid invitations;
  • Advising on registering contractor information on the National Bidding Network;
  • Consulting on negotiations, finalizing bidding contracts after selecting a suitable contractor.

The search for potential contractors will lead to subsequent bidding activities with a high likelihood of success, helping clients achieve their benefits optimally.

Potential contractorsPotential contractors

Legal, documentation and procedural advisory

Bidding procedures are consistently challenging for many investors and contractors due to their complexity. As projects grow in scale, bidding procedures become more intricate and time-consuming. Therefore, our consultancy service provides an effective method for investors and contractors when engaging in bidding activities through the following tasks:

  • Advising on fundamental legal frameworks that clients need to understand;
  • Consulting on the types of documents and files that clients need to prepare for bidding activities and subsequent project implementation;
  • Providing guidance on mandatory processes and procedures that all parties must complete to carry out the project;
  • Identifying relevant authorities responsible for completing bidding procedures;
  • Resolving issues that may arise during the bidding procedure;
  • Directly assisting in contacting authorities if requested by the client.

Company capability assessment consultancy

In addition to issues related to selecting contractors and legal procedures, investors also need to focus on the capabilities of the business when engaging in bidding. Concerns that businesses need to address regarding company capabilities include:

  • Assessing the current commercial business situation of the company;
  • Examining the financial capabilities of the company for bidding activities;
  • Reviewing estimates for bidding activities;
  • Analyzing the efficient and optimal execution capability of the bidding project;
  • Evaluating the potential for necessary profits for the client when bidding successfully and implementing the project;
  • Assessing and forecasting potential issues related to financial capabilities during bidding activities;
  • Developing contingency plans for these forecasts.

Ensuring the company’s capabilities are in place is crucial for the successful completion of bidding and the initiation of new projects. The business will be supported closely in addressing issues related to the analysis of company capabilities when clients undertake bidding activities.

Consultancy on risk assessment during bidding process

No investor wants to incur losses or face setbacks after engaging in bidding activities for project implementation. They need to adopt measures to minimize risks during the bidding process with the assistance of support consultancy, such as:

  • Evaluating the current status and feasibility of the bidding project;
  • Assessing the attractiveness to potential contractors during the bidding process;
  • Advising on scrutinizing potential weaknesses in contractors that could turn into risks during bidding, thereby selecting the best contractor;
  • Providing guidance on reviewing procedures and documents during the bidding process;
  • Instructing on estimating potential profits or losses that may occur if the bidding is successful;
  • Conducting a thorough review of contractors to avoid any violations that could lead to damage.

Risk assessment and review in bidding activitiesRisk assessment and review in bidding activities

Advisory on handling situations and risks that may occur during bidding

In the face of the aforementioned risks, the consultancy department for investors engaging in bidding has the responsibility to propose suitable solutions to protect the client’s interests to the fullest extent.

  • Advising on measures to improve the execution of the bidding process;
  • Providing solutions if the project fails to attract participation from contractors;
  • Suggesting ways to minimize the weaknesses of contractors during bidding and project implementation;
  • Offering guidance on ensuring compliance with legal frameworks to secure unsuccessful bidding situations;
  • Proposing strategies to enhance profitability for the client while still adhering to legal frameworks and necessary conditions;
  • Advising on contingency plans when bidding and project implementation face delays, causing losses to the client.

Effective solutions for bidding activities are always the goal that clients aim for to bring profitability to the project and generate surplus value when choosing bidding advisory services.

Our consultation process

Our bidding consultancy process is executed as follows:

  • Receive the client’s request for bidding activities;
  • Compile the documents and materials provided by the client;
  • Request necessary information from the client related to the bidding process;
  • Evaluate and analyze the client’s case and documentation for advisory purposes;
  • Prepare information and documents related to bidding for advisory purposes;
  • Develop a plan and advisory roadmap for the client;
  • Sign a service contract;
  • Conduct regular and timely meetings and exchanges with the client;
  • Advise on issues related to the client’s bidding activities, including initial preparation steps, market analysis, contractor search, legal frameworks, execution strategies, feasibility assessments, risks, and mitigation measures;
  • Communicate and connect with the client’s partners to implement bidding activities and project execution;
  • Provide guidance on project implementation after successful bidding;
  • Complete the bidding process, hand over documents to the client;
  • Support client-related issues after the service concludes.

Our service delivery roadmap can be flexibly adjusted to align with the real situation and client needs, ensuring maximum benefits as desired by the client.

Bidding consultation costs

The actual costs of bidding consultancy services may vary depending on the timing, project nature, contractor situation, feasibility of the bidding process, potential risks, and other factors. Consequently, the consultation fees will be communicated and provided by us when clients express their interest in utilizing our consulting services.

Bidding is a crucial step in implementing investors’ projects. Therefore, bidding consultancy is essential for both investors and contractors. To use our bidding consultation service or inquire about service fees, please contact us via hotline 0906.735.386 or Long Phan for the quickest support and quotation.

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