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Consultation on identifier names is a method of advising on the registration and development of a business’s Brandname ownership. Identifier names are used to market products and services of individuals or organizations through messages, phone calls. The registration and use of identifier accounts help limit spam messages, emails, and calls… enhancing the likelihood of call acceptance, and increasing the credibility of the business. Through this article, Long Phan will inform you about some useful issues regarding identifier names for our readers.

Individual or organization's BrandnameIndividual or organization’s Brandname

Why do businesses need an identifier name?

Some reasons that businesses might register an identifier name include:

  • Limiting legal risks and administrative penalties in marketing and advertising goods and services via messages and phone calls without registering an identifier name as per legal regulations.
  • Ensuring that marketing and advertising messages or calls are not considered spam or unsolicited calls.
  • Enhancing the business’s value in the market to customers by owning an identifier name that serves the marketing and advertising strategy.
  • Reflecting the capacity and vision of the business owner through organizing and conducting activities in a professional manner to serve long-term business development.

Conditions for businesses to register an identifier name?

To be able to register an identifier name, organizations and individuals need to adhere to the following principles and conditions:

  • No more than 11 consecutive characters, using Latin letters, numbers (from 0 to 9), or the characters (-), (_), (.), space;
  • Not case-sensitive;
  • Cannot be a set consisting only of numbers and used to display or identify information about the sender;
  • Every organization/business, individual has the right to register an unlimited number of identifier names;
  • The registered identifier name will be unique within the National System issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications and valid for 03 years from the date of issue;
  • The individual or organization that registers first will own the name first and it will not be valid if it has expired or been revoked.

What does Long Phan’s identifier name consultancy service include?

Long Phan offers the following range of consultancy services on identifier names to our valued customers:

Naming Consultation ServiceNaming Consultation Service

  • Consulting on the conditions and procedures for registering a name identifier;
  • Advice on designing a name identifier that complies with regulations and meets brand recognition needs;
  • Support for pre-registration searches of the name identifier to avoid duplicates and registration failures;
  • Consulting on tools and platforms for using the name identifier in marketing and promoting services and goods to customers;
  • Consulting on business advantages and profit-making opportunities when using the name identifier;
  • Other issues related to the name identifier.

Why should you use the consulting services at Long Phan?

Below, Long Phan provides several reasons why our esteemed readers can trust and use our services. Specifically:

Professional and effective consulting servicesProfessional and effective consulting services

Comprehensive and flexible service packages, cost-effective according to customer needs;

  • Comprehensive consulting on the conditions, procedures, as well as the necessary documents, files, and paperwork needed to register a business name in an understandable manner;
  • Advice on the tasks that need to be performed according to regulations before, during, and after owning a name identifier;
  • Businesses only need to prepare their documents once, and we will carry out the entire process, eliminating the need for travel, saving time and costs;
  • Guarantee to complete the work according to the agreed schedule between the parties.
  • Benefits include customer care and support consulting after using the service.

Service Provision Methods

Currently, Long Phan offers services in 02 methods:

  • Case-by-case consulting

This method supports customers who need advice on a specific issue. Accordingly, Long Phan will provide an overview of the client’s case and suggest solutions to maximize benefits.

  • Regular consulting

This method supports customers who need regular advice during the process of registering and owning a name identifier. Long Phan will advise on any issues that arise during the client’s operations.

Each method will have a different service fee structure. Interested readers can contact Long Phan through the following means for further information and support.

Firstly, online contact methods include:

  • Hotline: 090.673.5386
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Long Phan Investment Consulting Company Limited
  • Zalo: 090.673.5386

Secondly, direct contact can be made at the office located at: Commercial lot TM7, Lavita Garden Apartment, No. 17 Street No. 3, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

In summary, maximizing the benefits of the name identifier is an issue that individuals and organizations should focus on before, during, and after operations. Currently, the Brandname registration process is relatively simple, however, to fully exploit the potential benefits from the name identifier is a significant question that businesses should investigate. If you need in-depth consulting and service implementation support, please contact us at Long Phan via Hotline: 090.673.5386

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