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Contract templates are essential for parties involved in transactions to meet production, business, and daily needs. Contract templates provide crucial terms that cannot be omitted, limiting risks and unwanted disputes. Through the following article, Long Phan offers clients common contract templates and advice on issues related to contracts.

Common Contract TemplatesCommon Contract Templates

What Benefits Do Contract Templates Offer to Clients

Contract templates provide numerous benefits to parties involved in transactions, including:

  • Efficiency and convenience: Eliminates the need to draft contracts and negotiate terms.
  • Ensures rights for all parties in the contract: Contract templates include all essential terms and conditions, clearly and detailedly specifying the contents of the contract terms, thereby ensuring legal protection, rights, and interests of the parties.
  • Increases transparency and professionalism: Contract templates contribute to creating a set of professional and transparent documents, enhancing trust and credibility in negotiations and contract signings, especially for businesses.
  • Helps limit disputes: Contract templates specify, clearly anticipate potential issues that could lead to disputes. Thus, they minimize the risks and unwanted disputes.

Common Contract Templates

Civil Contract

A civil contract is an agreement between parties concerning the establishment, alteration, or termination of civil rights and obligations. Civil contracts are usually established to meet the needs of individuals primarily.

Some common types of civil contract templates include:

  • Housing Purchase Contracts
  • Land Use Right Donation Contracts
  • Asset Sale Contracts
  • Asset Lease Contracts
  • Pawn Contracts for Assets
  • Mortgage Contracts for Assets
  • Loan Contracts

Commercial Contract

A commercial contract is an agreement between traders or a trader and related parties aimed at establishing, changing, or terminating rights and obligations among parties in commercial activities. This type of contract is commonly used by businesses to sign with partners to serve the production and business process.

With the increasing number of commercial activities today, having commercial contract templates is necessary. Some common types of commercial contract templates include:

  • Goods Sale Contracts
  • Processing Contracts
  • Trade Promotion Contracts: advertising, promotion, product display, etc.
  • Franchise Contracts
  • Commercial Brokerage Contracts: commission, agency, commercial representation
  • Investment Cooperation Contracts
  • Business Cooperation Contracts

Signing a Commercial ContractSigning a Commercial Contract

Labor Contract

A labor contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer regarding paid employment, wages, working conditions, and the rights and obligations of each party in the contract.

Some common types of labor contract templates include:

  • Labor Contract
  • Probationary Contract
  • Training Contract
  • Labor Brokerage Contract
  • Labor Export Contract
  • Labor Leasing Contract

Contract Consulting Services at Long Phan

Contracts play a vital role in transactions, serving as one of the foundations for establishing business cooperation relationships between parties. Long Phan offers contract consulting services to ensure that contracts are legally sound, creating trust, transparency, and professionalism with partners:

  • Consulting on legal issues for each specific type of contract
  • Providing contract templates as per client requests
  • Advising on essential contents to be included in the contract
  • Consulting, guiding, and drafting contracts as per client requests, ensuring maximum protection of client interests and balancing the interests of all parties
  • Reviewing, evaluating, amending, and supplementing terms in the draft contract provided by the client
  • Advising on potential risks and proposing solutions to anticipate those risks
  • Consulting on effective contract signing methods
  • Consulting and supporting in negotiations to agree on contract contents and finalize the contract
  • Representing in negotiations and discussions of unresolved issues in the contract

Consulting on Common Contract TemplatesConsulting on Common Contract Templates

How to Contact for Consulting on Using Contract Templates

To receive consulting and support from Long Phan on contract-related issues and to obtain professional contract templates that are legally sound and maximize interests, clients can contact us through one of the following methods:

  • Call our company’s Hotline: 0906.735.386
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Long Phan Investment Consulting Company Limited
  • Website:
  • Zalo: 0906.735.386
  • Or visit our company’s headquarters at: Commercial lot TM7, Lavita Garden Apartment, No. 17 Street No. 3, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Contracts lacking important terms and not foreseeing risks can easily lead to disputes later on. Therefore, contract templates are one of the important bases for parties in a transaction to establish a complete contract. If you have any questions or need to be provided with contract templates, review, amend, or supplement a contract, please contact Long Phan via Hotline: 0906.735.386 for the best advice and support.

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Common Contract Templates

Common contract templates [FREE DOWNLOAD]